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Oil-Dri® Snow & Go is a unique winter traction aid that breaks down snow and ice while absorbing the melted water before it can re-freeze. The all-natural formula is non-toxic and contains only 1/3 salt by volume.

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Oil-Dri now carries a full line of Sweeping Compound
Available in four formulas, multiple sizes, and colored either red or green. Ships from multiple locations. Co-load with absorbent. Call for a quote!

Mighty Sweep (sanded, oil-base)
Ready Sweep (non-sanded, oil-base) Ultra Sweep (non-sanded, wax-base) Eco Sweep (recycled, non-petroleum)

A Rich History in Absorbents

In the beginning, Oil-Dri's single focus was to make work environments cleaner and safer. Oil-Dri has since grown to be a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing sorbent products. We now provide innovative sorbent solutions for automotive, consumer, industrial, environmental, agricultural, fluids purification markets and more. Oil-Dri Corporation of America is dedicated to the continued development of sorbent products while providing the same commitment to distribution that has made us successful since 1941.

Clean Joe Green
Just for fun... Check out Oil-Dri's spoof on the 1979 Classic 'Mean Joe Greene' commercial
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The Oil-Dri Advantage

Oil-Dri is a proud supplier of absorbent products for industrial and automotive applications. As the largest manufacturer of floor absorbent in the world, the Oil-Dri brand is trusted and recognized coast-to-coast. Our offerings include top quality granular absorbents as well as a complete line of synthetic absorbents such as polypropylene pads, rolls, socks, pillows, booms and emergency spill kits. The versatility of our product line allows us to be your one-stop single supplier of sorbent solutions.

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Bryan Fuller and Kevin Byrd endorse
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