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Amid ongoing concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Oil-Dri are committed to supplying our customers in all markets served. Oil-Dri products are deemed essential and at this time all production facilities continue to produce and ship product full out, including facilities in states that have mandated stay-at-home orders.
We are taking the following precautionary measures to keep our communities safe and healthy in order to continue to serve you:

• Following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

• Working with our suppliers to meet customer demand by increasing our tracking of current orders. We remain in frequent communication with our suppliers to monitor any changes within their businesses.

• Increasing our inventory of raw materials in areas that may be impacted.

• Carefully monitoring the availability of transportation. We expect that domestic and overseas transportation will be significantly impacted by this event. Therefore, we encourage customers to place orders with a higher replenishment inventory target as a buffer for any such delays.

We will stay on top of the current situation and relay any service updates to you through this web site, Customer Service, and Sales Groups.


Adhesive Backed Industrial Rug
protects shop floors and work surfaces by absorbing fluids without allowing them to penetrate the non-slip poly backing. This absorbent rug’s poly backing is treated with a light adhesive so it stays where you place it. Reduce tripping hazards and eliminate the shifting, rippling or bunching of traditional rugs. Great for high traffic areas. Easily cuts to any shape for multiple uses. Won’t rip or tear even when saturated.

L90690: Adhesive Backed Industrial Rug

Hi Visibility Quick-Sorb Spill Pads Dispenser is ideal for use with chemicals, bio-fluids or anywhere high visibility is needed to indicate caution or awareness. Safely absorb all fluids including including oil, coolant, paint water, blood, acids, bases and other liquids. Quick-Sorb Spill Pads are also available in universal and oil only dispensers.

L72320M: Hi Visibility Quick-Pads
L71320M: Universal Quick-Pads
L70320M: Oil Only Quick-Pads

Oil-Dri Garage Guard protects floors and reduces slippage. Absorb oils, coolants, grease, paint, water and other spills. Liquids won't penetrate the indusrial strength poly backing. Won't rip or tear even when saturated! Great for many uses.
Video: Click Here

L90693: Single item available from distributors
L90695: 7 rolls in a display pail
L90693: 35 rolls in a box

Oil-Dri Universal Bucket Spill Kit stores easily in vehicles or areas where quick response is a must. Packed in a handy reusable pail, these universal absorbents are can handle up to 5 gallons of any fluid.
L90435: Kit contains 15 universal bonded pads, 2 super absorbent socks, protective gloves, and a disposal bag with tie.

Oil-Dri® began with a goal to provide products that would improve workplace safety. Since then, we have become a worldwide leader in producing, marketing and selling sorbent products. Although much about our company has changed since 1941, our values and business ethics have stayed the same. We remain a family-controlled and family-operated organization that emphasizes honesty, integrity and accountability. Read More...

Dedicated to the continued development of innovative sorbent solutions while providing the same commitment to distribution since 1941. Download the catalog (left) to see our entire family of absorbent products. For more information about joining our distribution network, email

What color to use? Did you know a color coded system was developed by the industry to better understand the waste stream. Yellow sorbents are used for hazardous fluids and indicate caution when disposing. White sorbents will only absorb petroleum based fluids and repel water. Grey absorbents are general purpose and can be used anywhere. Use the right absorbent to handle the job at hand.

This is a pig. Pigs are best known as being suppliers of pork, ham, and bacon. Oil-Dri is best known as being suppliers of the high quality absorbent clay that has made them a leader in industrial markets since 1941. Oil-Dri is also a proud supplier of absorbent pads, mats, rolls, socks and spill kits. Please do not confuse this animal with the fine products offered by Oil-Dri.


Just for fun ... Oil-Dri's version of the famous 1979 commercial. This spot features "Clean Joe Green", a warehouse maintenace worker, who tosses a full bag of Oil-Dri at a young boy who idolizes his cleaning skills.

 What is crystalline silica?

Crystalline silica is one of the most frequently occurring materials on earth and its most common form is sand. Trace amounts of crystalline silica are present in Oil-Dri clay products.

Why does OSHA care about crystalline silica?


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